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Le Mans Université – Maison des Langues City: Pays de la Loire, Le Mans


Foundation year / Vocational degrees / Bachelor’s degrees / Master’s degrees – Subjects: Engineering (BEng & Meng), Sciences (BS & MS) - National Licence diplomas / Engineering title, CTI accredited and recognised as a national Master’s degree


The Maison des Langues is the department of Le Mans Université dedicated to the dissemination of languages and the promotion of intercultural exchanges. Our aim is to ensure the success of international students through our learning and support facilities and our resource centre. Students have access to specific support: preparatory diplomas in French as a Foreign Language, multilingual evening classes, pedagogical and methodological tutoring. We strive to facilitate their integration into the French higher education system through individual guidance and orientation as well as a range of intercultural and social activities.

Academic staff in our Engineering and Sciences courses belong to internationally recognised research laboratories in acoustics, optics, micro-technologies, IT, physics, chemistry, etc. Access to high-profile Master’s degrees with international employment potential is available from a range of our undergraduate courses.

Our campus on a human scale offers services and extra-curricular activities just around the corner: library, cafeterias, guidance, health, sport and culture. Student societies are vibrant and diverse: arts, culture, sciences, social and environmental action and faculty societies.

Our city is famous internationally for the 24-hour Le Mans motor race but it is also steeped in its rich Roman and medieval heritage. Furthermore, it is located one hour from Paris by train and less than two hours from the seaside resorts of Normandy and Brittany.


engineering, acoustics, instrumentation, embedded systems, IT, person-system interaction, physics, actuarial science, banking, finance, risk management, work-study program.


September 2024 to June 2025

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Total Number of Hours Hours of French Classes Hours Science / Methodology Classes Duration Months
600 400 200 9 months
FEES of the Classes Internationales

5024 € / year

Licence (General mathematics) Licence + Engineering title Licence + Master in Actuary
Year 1 2700 € 2700 € 2700 €
Year 2 2700 € 2700 € 2700 €
Year 3 2700 € 2700 € 2700 €
Year 4 X 3700 € 3700 €
Year 5 X 3700 € 3700 €
Grand Total 13124 € 20524 € 20524 €

ACCOMMODATION: Several halls of residence are available within walking distance of all university buildings. There are student restaurants and cafeterias as well as budget fast-foods and restaurants and a supermarket around the campus. The city is accessible by regular tramway services with two stops directly on campus. There is a direct train service from Le Mans to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (2-hour trip), the main Paris airport with flights to India.

Minimum attested proficiency level in the French language: A2. Complete beginners can progress up to A2 within the network of the Alliances Françaises in India before joining the program.

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