CPE Lyon - Engineering Institute of Chemistry and Digital Sciences City: Lyon


Master's degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering or Digital Sciences and Technologies


CPE Lyon is one of the top french engineering schools and has been delivering Masters of Science for more than 50 years in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Process Engineering, Digital Sciences, Computer Science and Cybersecurity, Communication Networks, and Microelectronics. Strong partnerships with the Lyon's Claude Bernard University, research and industrial key players worlwide, allow CPE Lyon to ensure high value curricula, including vocational, for more than 340 graduates each year. The first two years of these five year combined bachelor/master programs are undertaken by the Institution des Chartreux, a reknown school group in charge of almost 4000 pupils from kindergarden to higher education, based in Lyon and its surroudings.

97% of young graduates find a job in less than 4 months after graduation, with an average starting salary of 39900 euros, raising up to 46800 euros three years after hiring. 55% are hired in the south-east of France, 16% abroad, mostly Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and United States. 13% get into a PhD program. In the field of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 33% of young graduates work in the chemical industry, 12% in pharmaceuticals, 30% in consulting, 10% in research. In the field of Digital Sciences, 48% work in ICT industry services, 12% in ICT industries, 19% in consulting, 5% in research. Globally, CPE Lyon's alumni work mostly in research and development, consulting and expertise, quality health safety environment, and many created their own company over the past 50 years. Today, the alumni network represents 8500 engineers, 2000 of them being outside of France, a powerful network from which CPE Lyon and its students benefit. Among CPE Lyon's outstanding alumni, 3 got a Nobel Prize (V. Grignard, Y. Chauvin, J. Jouzel).

Brief description of curricula after the International Class year (more information on and

  • Bachelor: year 1 and 2 : advanced courses in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering Science or Chemistry (depending on the major chosen), French, English.
  • Bachelor: year 3 : two separate curricula : one majoring in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Or one majoring in Electronics, Communication Networks, Computer Sciences.
  • Master: year 4 and 5 : each curriculum progressively specializes either in one of the four following fields : Chemistry and processes applied to the environment, Formulation and implementation of divided solids, Life sciences and biotechnologies, Process engineering; or in one of the five following fields : Web languages and smart systems, Telecommunications, Image / 3D modelling / computer science, Robotics, Electronic architecture / micro-electronics.


chemistry, chemical and process engineering, environment, energy, biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, materials and polymers, digital sciences et technologies, computer science, cybersecurity, communications and networks engineering, electronics, robotics


September 2024 to June 2025

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Total Number of Hours Hours of French Classes Hours Science / Methodology Classes Duration Months
961 620 341 / Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry 9 months
FEES of the Classes Internationales

5500 € / year

Y1 2943 €
Y2 2943 €
Y3 7980 €
Y4 7980 €
Y5 7980 €

ACCOMMODATION: Boarding : 2500 euros / year - Dinner : 1180 euros / year

Minimum attested proficiency level in French language: A2. Complete beginners can progress up to A2 within the network of the Alliances Françaises in India before joining the program.

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